1. At Home with the S Family

    31 Jul 2015
    Early morning.  Wake up.  Get dressed.  Photographer arrives….what??   One of my favorite sessions.,,capturing this lovely family doing what they normally do…getting ready, breakfast, a little dance party, some crafts, and just being together in their new home. 

  2. 2014 Favorites of Yours…Just A Little Late

    29 May 2015
    Hard to believe we are already almost half way through 2015 already.  School is ending, berries are being picked, and summer camps and slip and slides are almost upon us.  What better time to share some of last year’s favorites…just a little late.  I feel so fortunate and get so…

  3. Sweets, Play, and a Little Bit of Sunshine

    02 Feb 2015
    It had been awhile. It had been a LONG while since we had visited one of our local favorite farm stores. Poor Cole had been sick for going on 3 days, and I was beginning to really need an outing Sam and I picked up Ms B from school and…

  4. On The Mountain

    01 Aug 2014
    Backpacking. My first REAL backpacking trip. My husband has been many times over the years, but it has been quite awhile. We have been wanting to go for quite some time, but logistically it just hasn’t worked out. And so my pack sat. And sat. For years. Until the beginning…

  5. By The Water

    22 Jul 2014
    Our first time tent camping as a family. I know, I know… Tent camping is how I grew up…going quite often with my dad and siblings. Yes, we were rained out a few times. Tents flooded. The sun was hot. And the ground was hard. Well, I’m only a little…

  6. On The Dock

    16 Jul 2014
    I was so excited when I received an email about photographing this awesome family again… Girls full of energy, lots of smiles, and a mom and dad who don’t have to try one bit. Not to mention, they come up with the most fabulous locations for our sessions…. It was…

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